Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Gulberg Lahore: A cluster of facilities

Lahore is considered as one of the most flourished cities of Pakistan and it is home to the best of residential and commercial societies. The city has a blend of modern and cultural lifestyle. It is the trade center of Punjab due to which it is important from business point of view. The people from across Pakistan prefer to start their new businesses in Lahore and for that they prefer the area of Gulberg-Lahore which has a great potential of business and a wide range of commercial as well as residential properties. The locals as well as expats prefer to find properties for rent in Gulberg, Lahore for business and residential purposes. 

A huge number of multinationals and national companies are operating their businesses in Gulberg Lahore. These companies prefer to buy or rent a full floor of a plaza or an entire building that can be converted into offices after a few enhancements. Gulberg-Lahore is bordered by the Allama Iqbal International Airport, the Model Town development, the Aitchison College campus and Shadman which has increased its importance for businessmen as well as residents. It is surrounded by Ferozepur road, Canal Road and The Mall Road Lahore that is why it is considered as the center of Lahore city. 

Gulberg has every facility which includes basic necessities as well as luxuries. It contains banks, shopping malls, hospitals, fast food chains, restaurants and caf├ęs to fulfill the needs of the locals as well as the expats. It has a cluster of homes, villas, shops, offices and apartments for sale and rent which are reliable and elegantly constructed. The residential properties are bought by investors and most of them rent these properties out to tenants for a handsome monthly return which is better than opening a fixed account.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

DHA Lahore: A cluster of reliable investment options

  DHA is a renowned name in residential development industry of Pakistan. It presents unique and stylish homes for sale in DHA Lahore. This residential society contains the most versatile designs of properties which are luxurious and comfy for the families to live. DHA Lahore is known as the largest residential habitat of Asia. The people from across Pakistan and expats have invested in its properties for capital gain and it is a real success for those investors as well as for DHA.  The look of Lahore is entirely transformed after the construction of DHA Lahore and has set new standards of living for the Lahorites. 

  Zameen.com brings a uniquely designed property for sale from DHA which is situated in Phase 5, Defence (DHA), Lahore. This house for sale contains an area of 55 square yards with 5 luxuriously comfy master bedrooms. It is architecturally designed with extensive use of granite and wood. Due to this extensive use of marble flouring, cleaning the house is quite easy.  It has seven massage bathrooms with Spanish tills, Jacuzzi tubs and shower cubicles. It also has a fully loaded kitchen with all modern built in appliances like heating, cooling, security system, UPS and generator wiring installed.

   A large size drawing room and dining room are so beautifully structured. It has a store for heavy luggage and servant quarter with attach bathroom. The entire house has imported fixtures and fittings. The light and decent color scheme makes it look elegant internally as well as externally.  The artistically designed fall ceiling and huge size of car parking gives it a royal look. The lush green party lawn decorated with seasoned plants, fountains and flowers is ideal place for the ladies to have kitty parties. The lawn also provides a fresh and healthy atmosphere for you and your family.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lahore – Its Mist and Its Myths

Lahore is renowned for being the city of Sufis and mystics for ages and it is called as “Daata’s city” also after the 11th century Sufi saint Hazrat Daata Ali Bin Usman Hajviri who came here to Lahore and resided on the bank of River Ravi at the outskirts of the walled city of Lahore. From Ali Hajviri to Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti and from Madho Lal Hussein to Mujaddid Alf Saani Sheikh Ahmed Serhindi, Lahore has been the seat of Sufis for ages. The Urs (anniversaries) of these Sufi mystics have now become festivals of Lahore and millions of devotees from across the country blaze Lahore every year.

The biggest of the events of the country is held in the month of Safar when the Urs of Daata Ganj Bakhsh Hazrat Ali bin Usman Hajviri is celebrated. Millions of pilgrims from across the country come to kiss the feet of the grave of the Holy Saint and there they pray and donate in the name of Allah. Holy veils from all over the country are brought by pilgrims as they dance through the cities with people putting their alms in those veils and those veils are then spread over Daata’s grave.

Another huge event is of Madho Lal Hussein’s Urs that is held every year in Shalimar Gardens of Lahore in the month of March. Thousands of lamps are lit in this festival by the devotees and an enormous fire is lit with the help of these oil-lamps. This fire symbolizes the inner fire of a Sufi and the devotees make sure that this fire does not die out until the end of the Urs. The greatest thing about this fire is that every year at the end of the three day ceremonies, a thunderstorm or a rain comes to extinguish this fire and suddenly the weather of Lahore gets pleasant.

One of the biggest events celebrated in the city, which is shared by the entire Muslim world, is the Mawlid of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) in the month of Rabi ul Awwal every year. The whole city is ornamented like a bride with mosques lit in green, red and yellow colors, the BRB Canal jeweled with statues and all the government buildings also lit with electric bulbs. People decorate the outers of their houses on the eve of 12th Rabi ul Awwal.

Models of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are made by young boys and girls, trolleys are decorated with lights, models and Nashids are played inside these trolleys. Competitions for best model, best decorated trolley and the most decorated area of the city are held and the toughest contest is between the Bhaati Gate and Islampura. Both these areas are adorned beautifully by the residents.

Lahore has so many colors and religion is one of the brightest among them. Lahore is the center of religion and culture in the country and Pakistanis take Lahore to be the heart of this country with all the veins moving towards it.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Lahore: Now and In days to come

Lahore is one of the most culturally rich cities of Pakistan. The city is second largest in Pakistan and it is the capital of province Punjab. The city is known as the cultural hub and Heart of Pakistan. The city is historically rich and the people of Lahore are very hospitable. The Lahori foods are famous all across the world for their unique taste. Even the expats love to have these foods and they are captured by inimitable taste and forced by the matchless flavor to eat the Lahori food again and again. The city was found by Prince Lava or Loh and the ancient name of Lahore was Lavapuri (The City of Lava) which transformed with time into its current name Lahore.

Lahore has seen eras of many rulers of which the Mughal era is the most prominent. The signs of Mughal rulers can still be seen in Lahore while touring the city. You can see the love of Mughals for construction through the marvels they have built in the city of Lahore. These wonders depict the luxurious past of the Mughal rulers. These construction marvels include Badshahi Mosque, Chauburji and Lahore Fort etc. which are the most beautiful places to visit if you want to assess the past of the Lahore city. The twelve gates of the city were also constructed in the same era.

The city was transformed from time to time but nowadays the city is facing one of the biggest transformation processes of all times for the betterment of trade and for the facilitation of Lahorites. The Arfa Karim I.T tour has been completed to take Pakistan’s I.T industry to new heights.  The ring road was a project to reduce the flow of traffic within the city and to provide an agile trade way to the logistics. But nowadays, several roads and bridges are under construction to provide fast accessibility to every corner of the city. The Rapid Bus Transit System has also been introduced by the Government of Punjab for the convenience of senior citizens, students and middle class salaried persons. The government has also introduced a separate Bus-service for the females which is also appreciated by the working women and students of the country.

The Visa agreement between Pakistan and India is also a positive step taken by the government of Pakistan. It will increase the trade between both the countries and the market expansion will increase competition for the industries of both Pakistan and India. The quality will be increased and production volume will also expand which will provide a high amount of profit to our traders and industrialists. It will help in flourishing the manufacturing and services industries in both the countries.  The hospitality industry will also flourish in Lahore and the scope of rental properties will also widen that will provide immense benefits to the Lahore real estate rentals. The tourism will also expand and the social impact on the people of both countries will allow the people of India and Pakistan to come closer.